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Come on

2011-07-23 00:52:31 by LaowensRAWRS

I am seriously disappointed that my drawings are apparently not good enough for the art portal. Must be real shiity work...


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2011-07-23 01:00:56

You just gotta practice more.

Remember, penis makes perfect.

LaowensRAWRS responds:

What the fuck you talking about penis for?


2011-07-24 07:27:08

I thought your art is very nice. Really good for a cartoon artist. I would keep at it. Plus I love the Elephant. Would be cool if newgrounds took it and used it for something. I would watch it. All in all great job

LaowensRAWRS responds:

Thanks man I am glad that you like the art, and gave a real comment to it.
I am starting to do a lot with that elephant so I am glad you like it.